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 Stories of Healing and Transformation

“Melanie is gifted, she delivers her messages with empathy and made me feel safe to open up. The session was restorative and I received the clarification that I was after while also discovering some things about myself in the process. I can truly say I feel whole and at peace with myself and others after the season.”- Vicky

“I had an instant connection with Melanie. Her kindness, warmth, insight and guidance helped me get to the root cause of my emotional and physical blocks. It was so incredibly liberating! I now have clarity and a path forward as I continue on my healing journey. Thank you Melanie for your life changing gift!” -Laura

"Working with Melanie was an incredible experience! Her empathetic approach and ability to create a comfortable environment made a huge difference. During our session, I discovered unresolved issues from my past that I hadn't even realized were affecting me. It was truly an 'Ah ha' moment. Afterward, I felt a profound sense of relief and as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders”.-Kristen

“Melanie is truly amazing! Had many issues including confidence, self esteem, and physical issues such as knee and back pain. She was able to relive all of them! I highly recommend Melanie to anyone that needs help with any challenges and pain they are trying to overcome in life. Melanie is also great to connect with for everyone trying to live a healthy and positive lifestyle!”- Neal

“Melanie’s service was great. She was punctual with the appointment time, explained in detail anything I questioned or didn’t understand and I felt lighter in the days after my session with her.”-Katie

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